EnFusion Vent Flow Detangler Brush

E2 EnFusion Hair & Scalp

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 The E2 EnFusion Vent Flow Dentangler Brush with flexible head with 8 rows of separate nylon bristles can easily detangle matted curly, wavy, coily, kinky, thick, long and natural hair without damage.

Feel less pain on scalp, saves more time in detangling your hair. 

Can be used on adults and children. If you have super curly 3a to 4c African American hair, this detangling brush is the perfect tool for you, its flexi bristles detangle your wet/dry hair with conditioner/oil applied smoothly and easily. If you have normal tangle or very long thick hair, this brush can also be your choice.

This detangler brush can be applied on both wet and dry hair. Shower your hair with conditioner or apply oil on dry hair can cut down your detangling time for better result. You can adjust the distance between the bristles with bracket. Ergonomically designed non-slip comfy rubber grip gives you maximum control in smoothing the tangles out. If you are blow drying this brush allows airflow move though hair sections and cover your hair with a balanced heat, reduce hair drying time while preventing hair damage from overheat.

If you're tired of other of harsh detangler brushes that snag and pull your hair, this flexible soft detangling brush won't disappoint you!